Sunday, 26 October 2014


I have been trying to complete all the unfinished projects I have stashed away in a drawer. I am getting there slowly but every time I tidy up my sewing room I find more. My room is a bit like the Magic Pudding!  Today I finished 2 Gail Pan pincushions for my collection.

During the week I sewed borders onto 2 wall hangings and hand quilted them . This is the Christmas one from Fig 'n' Berry Creations. It still needs binding on it but I  AM getting there! I omitted adding a stitchery inner border that was on the pattern.

The other one is a Gail Pan design but the pic is blurry so I shall show it to you fully completed next time.  I do, however, have a pic of another Gail Pan Christmas stitchery that is going into THAT drawer.
I have knitted 3 face washers for the Womens Refuge at Christmas and have heaps more to knit. I need to buy soaps and talc to wrap them up with.
Last week I bought some more 1800s repro fabrics and already have a project in mind. It is not another little Civil War quilt this time.
Ofcourse, there is lots of secret sewing going on for Christmas pressies too.
Thanks for visiting my part of the world again. 
Angel Blessings.


  1. Lovely progresses !!

  2. Such beautiful work Ondrea,well done Ondrea.xx

  3. beautiful finishes Ondrea and more ufo's on the way by the looks of the purchases!!!lol