Saturday, 21 March 2015


Yep! It's true. I am bordering on insanity while bordering my Insanity quilt. It seems an endless task going round and around , hexie by hexie.  To make matters worse, I have almost run out of the background fabric! Remember how I was preparing the hexie flower with the background fabric around them? Well, I am glad I only did 10 of them because I now have to reverse sew them all!!! Grrrrrr. Not happy. I figure they will stand out from any new fabric I happen to find. So, my plan is to get some new background fabric for the next lot of borders and that way it will look like it was planned that way. I guess I shall just need to spend a few extra hours unpicking and redoing. I am having problems finding similar fabric of the same tint. There are yellow whites, cream whites, white whites, beige whites etc etc etc and it is doing my head in. Thus my quilt so far.......

I have been working on the borders every night while watching TV or DVDs but have also finished Gail Pan's freebie Spring stitchery. There is  another stitchery peeking out underneath but it is hidden for a reason. Hehehehe.
This afternoon I started a cute Red Brolly freebie Easter stitchery.
For a moment I thought I'd also run out of the purple border fabric for the Insanity quilt but after much scrounging around in my sewing room I discovered a couple of metres of it. Wish I'd found the same amount of  background fabric too.
 It's times like these I remind myself that it is "patch" work  after all. 
On that note I wish you all Angel Blessings..



  1. Oh boy I hope you do have enough fabric!! I can understand you calling it your insanity quilt!! But it looks beautiful and once finished will be amazing and worth the work! Your stitcheries are beautiful! Ooooooh a secret stitchery???

  2. How frustrating for you. It is a gorgeous quilt. Hope a solution can be found. Lots of lovely stitchery as well.

  3. Oh dear I feel your pain. I am sure that you can find the fabric that fits in for you after all that gorgeous stitching.

  4. maybe a little insane... but gosh it is so beautiful..... lovely little stitcheries too...

  5. Your quilt is looking wonderful, Ondrea. Lovely stitching too.

  6. Oh wow Ondrea... what a pain about the fabric for Insanity... I'm sure you'll get it sorted out satisfactorily...
    cheeky me, any chance you'll link it to PYT on tuesday?!

  7. Oh my goodness - that is just beautiful. Love your stitcheries too!~

  8. stick with it your are so close! A little insanity doesn't hurt..... much
    hope you sort out your border issues, it is looking gorgeous
    lovely stitching too.

  9. Hi Ondrea, maybe if you take a small scrap of background to a fabric shop and match it up. I can see you are in the "home straight" so keep at it.