Tuesday, 28 July 2015


 Time has marched on and I have been catching up with some stitching seeing as I didn,t stitch for the entire month when I was overseas. I still haven't uploaded my pics from my trip but I do have a few from facebook that my daughter sent to hubby. So, just to give you a taste, here is pic of my daughter, Sarsha, and myself at Disneyland in Paris the day after we arrived. Oops, a bit small but just get your magnifying glasses out.

When I arrived home from our trip there was a parcel waiting for me from sweet sweet Sue. What was inside? A kit featuring owl fabric to make a pincushion caddy. I have started to make it but am stumbling a bit with the pattern so I need to have a good sleep before I get back to it.

Another lovely parcel arrived yesterday from Yvonne. I won a beautiful pattern of hers a short while ago. Isn't it lovely? I am itching to make it very soon. Another parcel was in my letter box as well. It was my order from Karen , a book of cute felt Chritmas patterns by Fig'n' Berry with a kit to make a mat.

Now, the stitching I have been doing....I am rather annoyed because 2 of the stitcheries I nearly completed have come to a grinding halt because I have run out of thread. GRrrrrr. Not happy. I have hunted on the internet for Cottage Garden Threads colours  Sapphire and Eggplant to no avail. If you know where I can get these 2 colours I would love to know.

I did complete Val's 5th BOM ( see my side bar for her link).
This next stitchery is a cushion pattern I bought a couple of years ago. I can't rush these thing you know hehehe.
I finally sandwiched one of the little Civil War quilt tops I finished a while ago and have started to hand quilt it.
Just minutes before I sat down to update this blog I finished the 6th block of Jenny's BOM but forgot to take a pic . So, it shall wait until my next post but I think this one is rather photo heavy enough anyway.
Angel Blessings to you all.


  1. Hi Ondrea,so glad you had a lovely o/s 's holiday it would've been amazing,i will check to see if i have those threads for you ,lots of lovely work you have been doing there my friend xx

  2. lovely catching up on your crafting. Lots of lovely stitchery happening.
    Tranquility in Moonee Ponds (victoria) stock the cottage garden threads perhaps they might have them.

  3. hi Ondrea i have just checked my supplies,sorry i dont have either,good luck xx

  4. Love the Mini Ears!! Lovely work you are doing. None of those colours in my supply here..will have a look at the quilt shop in Gisborne tomorrow and see if they have either.

  5. So glad you had a lovely holiday. Have you tried Gail B's, they do mail order and stock the whole range. I'm off on retreat and we are having a shopping day on the way up so I'll check all the stores we visit.

  6. Hi Ondrea - sounds like you had a great holiday. Nice to get back into the stitching. The shop where I work Stawell Craft shop have the full range of CGT

  7. What a pain to run out of thread....I don't have either of thosein my stash either. Hope you can locate some. You have had some lovely mail and been doing some beautiful stitching xx

  8. Love that owl fabric and look forward to seeing the end result. I hope you can locate the thread and happy stitching in the meantime.

  9. Hi Ondrea, I was going to let you know Patch n Quilt in Gisborne has Eggplant but no Sapphire, but I think Sue beat me to it!