Thursday, 6 August 2015


It is the last month of winter here in Australia and people have been complaining how cold it has been. They do say that we have had the coldest winter in Victoria for quite a few years but I certainly remember colder winters during my childhood.  I think we have got used to central heating everywhere we go and in our homes so when we step outside it hits us like a big ice block! I must admit that I do rather like being at home with the heating on , watching a DVD or Netflix while stitching .  My plan this winter was to catch up with all my projects, complete as many unpieced projects as possible and to keep up with the BOMs I am doing this year. I have been able to keep up to date with Jenny's lovely BOMs as they are really small and easy to complete in an hour or 2. Here are blocks 6, 7 and 8. ( Her BOM is on my sidebar).

 Our next FHFS, ( Friend Having Fun Swap), project is due in October and we are to make something with wool or felt.  I haven't had much experience stitching with wool or felt so I thought I would have a play and make something for myself before creating something for the swap. So, I bought a cute Christmas kit with Fig'n'Berry's new Christmas book from Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop. I have had a lot of fun making this, although I have found that my fusible webbing doesn't work very well on the felt. A dab or 2 of glue baste did the trick and a couple of pins.  I can't wait to finish it now.
I was so excited when Michelle announced that her first book had been published.  I didn't waste much time ordering it from her and I just love all her beautiful Christmas designs and patterns inside this lovely book. Pop over to Michelle's blog to see all her beautiful stitching and the range of patterns she sells.
I have been very slack not loading any of my overseas photos yet but I can show you some of the thimbles I collected. These 4 are all from Carcassonne in France. Carcassone is a medieval city which is actually a fortress  inside a fortress! I wish I could show you but you will just have to be content with thimbles for now hehehe. 
And these 3. You can tell which one is from Disneyland and the gold one is from the Paris Opera House which is an awesome place to visit. I nearly got done by a gypsy there while taking photos. Ofcourse, I had to buy the book Phantom Of The Opera from the actual Opera House it was set in. The first thimble is from the Catacombs which lay beneath the city of Paris holding the remains of 6 million Parisians. It is over 100 steps down to this subterranean labyrinth of bones and skulls. A rather sombre place to visit .  
I must thank all my bloggy friends, yes you, for coming to my aid regarding the Cottage Garden Threads I had run out of. The problem is solved and I shall be able to complete those projects soon.
Off to do some stitching now. How about you? 
Angel Blessings.


  1. Great thimbles!! Your stitcheries are lovely, and I love the Xmas felt work! Good to hear about the cottage threads!

  2. hi Ondrea your stitcherys are lovely,i just love your felt project,its so cute,Cheryl and i are off to another one of Lisa's workshops on Saturday,oh those thimbles are so very cute ,i hope you are having a lovely day my friend xx

  3. Lovely stitching Ondrea. Your felt project is so cute. Love your treasure of thimbles. ..what a fantastic collection you must have. Hope you enjoy the books and thank you xx

  4. Love all your thimbles...and the "wool" project looks perfect. Perhaps it will come live at my place??? lol xox

  5. That felt project is just soooo cute. Each time you look at your lovely thimbles you will re-live your wonderful holiday.

  6. This is a wonderful thimbles collection !! with a lot of memories !
    Your felt project is very cute !

  7. Love the thimbles especially the teapot one
    Jenny A