Thursday, 20 August 2015


 The last FHFS project was due in July and despite being overseas for the entire month of June I still managed to complete mine in time. Whew! I don't think I showed you the ruler cover I made for .Keryn.  The stitchery design is Leanne Beasley's but I changed the wording to suit. I also adapted the actual cover by lengthening it so it would hold a 12" ruler. A touch of lace and a button made it complete. The words say "Measure twice cut once".

 The last couple of weeks I have been working on a secret project for...........not telling hehehe.

I hope "not telling" likes them.
I have been trying to crochet a ripple blanket but for some unknown reason I just can't get it right on the ends. I always end up with one stitch less than I started with grrrr. I have pulled it out at least 4 times and now it has been shoved in the "too hard" box. Not happy! Meanwhile, I think I shall endeavour to get up to date with Val's stitchery BOMs which have been put aside since I ran out of thread. I now have the thread so all is well with my little sewing world again.
Angel Blessings..


  1. gorgeous gifties Ondrea...
    have you tried the Attic 24 pattern it takes you through row by row, was even marina proof!

  2. Loved what you made for Keryn and your secret stitching is so very cute

  3. Well if it is for meeeee... I LoVe them... xox wink wink...

  4. Hi Ondrea,sorry i tried commenting twice on my phone yesterday and i see that it didnt work.
    I love this ruler bag you have made Keryn,its so pretty and practical and wow to your lucky friend,i hope you are having a lovely day Ondrea xx

  5. The ruler bag is gorgeous and that hoop is so pretty too ....