Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Despite having a bit of a bad week health wise I still managed to get some things done. First, I must show you what creative Carol sent me for the FHFS. When I opened the rather large parcel I found this inside.

Getting rather excited , I peeked inside and found some individually wrapped parcels and this is what was in them. Some beautiful covered coat hangers which are just perfect to hang a couple of dresses on that I bought for my daughter's wedding and pre wedding high tea.

Some yummy Lindt choccies. Naughty but nice. Needless to say they have all vanished now. I have no idea where they went so fast. Attached to the box was a necklace made from felt beads. How clever! I have never seen these before.
Having made something with wool/felt for this FHFS I discovered that I love using this medium. Carol knew this because she also enclosed some lovely wool/felt. I am rubbing my hands together wanting to make something now. Great colours.
But wait! There's more. A lovely scarf .
Thankyou so much Carol.
I know this is a loooong post but please stay with me.
Barb enticed me to join this wonderful crochet- along here . I was so enthusiastic because it is a weekly pattern for a crocheted rug instructing how to crochet various stitches step by step. As I am fairly new to crochet and have limited experience I thought this would be ideal. So, on the weekend before last I ordered 15 balls of yarn ( 1 extra) from the UK and they arrived here yesterday!! In little over a week they were here. I was rapt when I opened the parcel because this lovely bundle of colour was inside an organza bag with ribbon. How yummy do these look?

I started last night using their listed colours ( well, similar ). Not usually what I would choose but I have learned that sometimes things turn out better than expected when I just go with the flow.

The past week I have been stitching these cute pattern from Gail Pan's Patchwork Loves Embroidery book. The first project for the FHFS was using hexies and I had used some of these designs in it. Having heaps of purple fabric left over I decided to make the actual project in Gail's book for myself..

Okay, you can wake up now, I have finished. I just got a wee bit excited with the arrival of 2 parcels this week. Next time I will show you what I made for Carol. I haven't mailed it yet so I can't show you now.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Carol sent you some lovely goodies. I'm looking forward to seeing your rug, Ondrea. Lovely stitcheries too.

  2. What lovely gifts. Your CAL looks great. I have been threatening to start crotcheting-- after many years --?30 years--but keep putting it off. Well done for having a go.

  3. I know I'm a bad influence....slaps back of hand! if you get into any trouble with the pattern just email me and I'll try and talk you through it :)
    Love all the gorgeous goodies from Carol in our felt swap and I look forward to seeing your stitcheries all made up :) Barb.

  4. Hi Ondrea,wow i love all the gifts that Carol sent to you and how clever is she to make you that lovely necklace, and boy i sure do love your new wool,enjoy all your new goodies my friend xx

  5. what a lovely parcel from Carol and your new rug is going to be great.... some lovely stitcheries too.. .you are keeping busy

  6. Beautiful parcel from Carol....your stitcheries look lovely and that crochet rug is tempting!! Will be interested to see how you go, Hope you are feeling better today.