Friday, 9 October 2015


I am quite disappointed with myself as I have not been stitching much this past week. My energy levels are down , I have a lot of fatigue and due to that I am rather annoyed not being able to do much. I did, however, decide to start Jenny's  free Christmas project . This generous lady is giving us a stitchery block every week which is quick and easy to do. Pop on over to her blog to see this lovely hexie project.

I have been resting up a bit because I knew I had a Mystery Bus Trip yesterday with one of my quilting groups. The bus left at 9-00am and we returned just after 5-00pm. Our first stop was in Fairfield where we got off at a place called Cutting Cloth Collections . We had never heard of this place and it looked quite small from the outside. When we entered we were pleasantly surprised. Chandeliers were hanging elegantly from the ceiling and the shop was much larger than we thought. There were so many amazing fabrics which were completely unique. I could have easily bought heaps but I couldn't figure out what I would make with them all. Not wanting to leave empty handed, I just had to get some of this fabric that I call Evil Kitties.

We also went to Needles and Pins which is situated in Warrandyte. This shop was right up my alley having a vast array of Civil War and 1800's repro fabrics. You guessed it, I bought a few.

 It was a big day out for me LOL. Now I am tired and aching so I think I shall take it easy after the household chores are done. The sun is shining, no one is burning off  (yet), so I can hang the washing out on the clothesline. 
Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea your blocks are lovely,and i love the fabrics you bought,you will have fun with these. Dont be too hard on your self,you need to rest,the stitching and sewing will wait,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. Lovely blocks and loot. Take care of will wait for you xx

  3. Love the fabrics and your Christmas stitchery is looking great.
    Take it easy as pushing oneself only makes you more weary.

  4. What a great way to spend a day...out with friends and fabric shopping. Gorgeous stitcheries as usual.

  5. Love those hexies Ondrea, might have to look into them....lovely fabric you bought. ..hope you are able to rest up and feel much better very soon.

  6. Even though you were tired after the big day out... it was probably gOOd for you too.
    Rest up today as it's a SuNdaY...
    Hugs xox

  7. Looks like it was worth being a bit tired for those lovely goodies.
    Hope you recovered ok