Thursday, 1 December 2016


Silly me! Here's me thinking November has 31 days. Oh dear. It hit me around 2-00am this morning when the radio announcer mentioned that it was the first day of summer. Oops!  I was going to put the binding on my December mini today, but , alas, too late! Ah well, at least it will be listed in the December finishes. So, what did I complete?   The Christmas critters hexie table mat I have made for a friend in the U.K.....

The crocheted baby blankie I have made for my first grandchild due in February.( It is sooooo big! I think I am a loose crocheter.)
The secret sewing project that I still can't show you.
I also finished a book this month. Which is a fantastic true story.
So, 3 projects and one book. Not bad for me.
Thanks for stopping by.
Angel Hugs


  1. well done my friend,i love your table topper ,i am sure your friend will be very excited to get it and love the baby blanket,bubby will be here before you know it Ondrea xx

  2. they all look great Ondrea! at least Bub will be super-snuggly in the blanket, or perhaps there will be room for you under it too♥♥

  3. Some lovely finishes there. That secret sewing looks interesting.