Thursday, 22 December 2016


Well well well. Who would a thunk it! Here I was having a sewing break that I didn't want due to naughty FMS and now I have turned that right around. Late yesterday afternoon I decided to make  some plastic bag dispensers that hang from the pantry door. It all started when I thought I would make one for my youngest daughter who has recently moved into an apartment . Now, I remember buying some chook fabric a few years ago to make one of these for myself. Did it happen? NO! So I rummaged through my stash and found it. Yey! Hmm, my eldest daughter would like that too.  Maybe mum would like one as well. Found bee fabric in my stash Wooohoo!  ( Dad is a hobby bee keeper).

                       Result.....4 plastic bag dispensers, One for me, DD1, DD2, and mum. The skull and cross bones one is for DD1 in case you are wondering. Sooo her!

Then a light bulb moment happened. I remembered having some plain tea towels tucked away amongst my stash.  Afternoon sewing turned into evening sewing. Voila! Matching tea towels.
I am doing the happy dance again now that I have had some stitchin' time.  
Angel Blessings.


  1. Pretty and practical....cannot get better than that.

  2. Hi Ondrea ,wow what beautiful matching sets,so glad you are feeling better,Merry Xmas my friend xx

  3. Wow that works out beautifully !

  4. beautiful gifts! good for you!

  5. So good to read your feeling energetic and have a sewing session, great idea to match the bag holders with towels. Happy Christmas!!

  6. A great comeback. Off to do a bit of catch up reading Ondrea - have a beautiful christmas!!