Monday, 27 February 2017


Since last  year I have been working on a crib quilt for my new grandson. It was a lot of hand appliqueing and it was certainly made with heaps of love because my fingers suffered quite a bit during the process. I finished it within a couple of weeks of Corben's due date and took it to my quilter who returned it to me a couple of weeks ago just before the birth.  I frantically stitched the binding onto it and then tried to design a label for the quilt. Well, as you know, Corben was born on 21st  Feb and I have been rather busy since then. So, on Friday night I started drawing up the wording to trace onto fabric and stitched it on Saturday night. Whew! They came home on Saturday and I was able to give it to them yesterday. The quilting has owls in it if you look closely.

The label.
Life has been very busy in a good way this past week and I am exhausted LOL. It is such a wonderful experience as all you blogger grand mothers well know.
Angel Blessings 


  1. Hi Ondrea,omg this is cute,love that it also has owls quilted on it.
    Yep being a Grandma is the best,congrats again my friend xx

  2. So gorgeous! Love your label...very special x

  3. Congrats on the birth of your Corben, Ondrea! Precious little grandson to love & spoil... beautiful quilt for him, well done xx

  4. what a lovely quilt for your young man... perfect and great to have the personal label...

  5. I love the personal label you have made and your Quilt. Gorgeous. Lucky Corben to have a creative Grandma.