Thursday, 9 February 2017


This year I am once again attempting to finish projects stashed away in my UFO drawer. The first thing I came across was the Cupcake BOM I started a couple of years ago. Each block depicts a special day of the year and this one is Fathers' Day. I must confess that I have changed all the blocks using the original designs for ideas.  The BOM was designed by a stitching friend for one of our quilt groups and she has no problem with individual creativity. I tried to think what to put on this block to remind me of dad, thus the cap and the bee.  ( He always wears a cap and he is a hobby apiarist). I think it needs a few more things on it. Do you think it is a bit bare?

The 2nd project I found was a block from one of Rosalie Quinlan's BOMs that I had bought in kit form. I completed the other one ( only have 2)  quite a while ago and have no idea why I put this one aside. This is the centre part of the block that I have needle turned. Unfortunately, I need to improvise with the foundation fabric before I can needle turn the other parts as there wasn't enough fabric included and it is 1/2" too small!!!! So, I am cutting a strip and sewing it along the side hoping it won't be too noticeable. Fingers crossed! Shall show you when I have finished it.
It has been too hot to sew the last 2 days. No air con means sweaty hands and glasses sliding off my nose all the time. So, yesterday I decided to put all my DMC threads into new containers and re sort them. I also wound a few onto plastic bobbins replacing the old cardboard ones which wear over time. Alas, not enough plastic ones for all the threads but that can be a another day's fun.
My old plastic boxes were damaged after over 40 years of use and I had more threads to be wound onto bobbins. A mess!!
This time I sorted them by colour, then number rather than simply by number. I figure that most patterns have the colour listed beside the number anyway and I often choose my own colours. How do you store your threads? These containers are slightly larger than my old ones . Even better!
Thankyou for stopping by.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea ,I love your cup cake block,I don't think it needs anymore on it,I really like it.
    Love your Rosalie stitchery,very pretty ,it sure has been hot,your daughter will be feeling it,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  2. I really like your cupcake block. Great sorting out job....perfect to do in this heat x

  3. The cupcake block looks great, ohh you put me to shame my threads are a mess :)

  4. Great sorting with the threads, good job for the super hot weather. Love the cupcake block, maybe you could add a dentist type tool at the front?? Or beside the cupcake? That is a beautiful stitchery you have made.

  5. Great work getting organised there Ondrea - how do I store my threads? - by brand & number - easy!
    Good idea to resume work on a couple of ufo's