Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Yey! I have just finished the last 2 filler blocks for my Little Lucy quilt. Yep! That's what I have decided to call it seeing as I have chosen to only make 12 Lucy Boston blocks . I like making smaller quilts as I then get a chance to try all sorts of patchwork and quilting methods a lot quicker than I would if I made bed size quilts all the time. Being mainly a hand piecer, you can imagine how long it takes to make the bigger quilts. So, here are the last 2 blocks.

Here is the way I have arranged all the blocks after much deliberation..
And the other sideways.
Now for the important part. I would really love your input regarding the block arrangements. I have tried not to put too many of the same colours together and distributed the pinks and reds as far apart as possible . Do you think this arrangement is okay? If you look at the lengthways pic I have numbered them left to right 1,2,3......2nd row 4,5,6.....3rd row 7,8,9 and 4th row 10,11,12.  I have also numbered the filler blocks the same way...1st row 1,2... 2nd row, 3,4 and 3rd row 5,6. Does that make sense?  So, if you think the blocks need to be rearranged I would love to know what you think. I am itching to piece this all together and work out how I am going to finish the edges . That is another big decision.
Thankyou all sooooooo much.
Angel Blessings.    


  1. Hi Ondrea,well done my friend,i love the 2nd one ,the length way and i love the blocks where you have them,good luck with them xx

  2. The blocks look amazing!
    I like to make smaller quilts too and occasionally throw in a big one.
    I find they're less practical to display than smaller quilts.

  3. It's the sideways ones for me.....probably the second them ❤️❤️❤️πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  4. They look great yep sideways for me also.

  5. Little Lucy looks great.......... What happens if you swap 2 with 11....balances the darkness out more.....

  6. They look lovely, the sideways one for me too!

  7. Gorgeous blocks. Either way they look good to can fiddle forever with placement.

  8. They all look amazing Ondrea, sideways for me too, like the third photo. Like the idea of a little quilt too.

  9. Well I have no idea of what to suggest with swapping any of them around Ondrea, but I do find that when I am uncertain, I take a pic of the layout in BLACK & WHITE, it really helps to show up any colour balance issues. Apart from that, I just 'fiddle & leave' multiple times until I get sick of myself obsessing over it! Good luck (yes I know I wasn't helpful!)