Saturday, 1 April 2017


Oh dear! Although I have been stitching I haven't managed to complete any projects in March. I have nearly finished this little mini . Last year I was stitching the beautiful calendar designs from Jenny's stitchery club and I have made each one into individual minis.  I just need to put the binding and sleeve on this one.

                            I did complete the 5th hexie stitchery I am going to use in a tablemat.  

The final one is in my hoop.
I have been adding borders to my hexies.
Stitching is slow these days because I have been preoccupied with this little munchkin. ( He is nearly 6 weeks old now. This was taken at 4 weeks.)
 Thanks for visiting my blog.
Angel Blessings


  1. Hi Ondrea ,lots of lovely stitching there,well done.
    Oh my your little man is cute,i can understand you wanting to spend every minute that you can with him,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend.

  2. Gorgeous stitcheries as always. Love that little bundle of joy in blue.

  3. Lots of beautiful projects under way there Ondrea, lovely to spend time with the little one.

  4. Beautiful stitching ❤️❤️❤️And your little man .. adorable ❤️💕😍

  5. Oh yummy little bub, no wonder you're distracted!
    Beautiful stitching Ondrea x

  6. Understandable to be smitten with your other little work of heart....he is beautiful! Lovely work just the same on yiur projects xx