Thursday, 29 June 2017


The past week or so has seen me happily doing some Christmas stitching. These are going to be made into special gifts for special people.

I am pleased to say that I have read 2 books this month and have started another one.. 
My last post ended with pics of Dublin taken 2 years ago. The next morning, 13th June, we caught a taxi to Dublin airport to catch a plane to Edinburgh, Scotland . We were quite taken aback when they told us that carry on luggage was not really permitted but they let us go through. We soon discovered why they were so strict as it was a really small plane. The trip only took 50 minutes and we were greeted by a dull and dismal cold day. We then took another taxi to our hotel which was a quaint old building in a cobblestoned street like I have seen in movies set in Edwardian times. 
We settled in and then went out in the drizzling rain to explore our surroundings.
This was a moving statue. Every minute or so she would move slightly into a different position.
Of course, what would Edinburgh be without the lovely sound of bagpipes .
I found it quite fascinating walking down the main street in the 21st century and looking up the hill across the road to see Edinburgh Castle in all its glory.
More about that next time.
I am off finish a couple of projects for OPAM.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea wow love your xmas stitcheries,well done and i am enjoying your travels,glad they let you take your carry on luggage,i would've panicked,lol xx

  2. Beautiful stitcheries Ondrea, am enjoying your travels, bagpipes are a wonderful sound to me, I know not everyone enjoys them!!

  3. Beautiful stitching Ondrea. Nothing better than a good read! Loved wandering around Dublin with you xx