Saturday, 8 July 2017


 I am amazed at how many projects I seem to almost finish and then put aside. Thus a drawer full of UFOs.  There are various reasons for this. Sometimes I run out of fabric I thought would be suitable for binding, sometimes I can't find the right fabric for sashings or bindings and there are times when I stuff a project up and can't be bothered fixing it when I have so many other projects I want to do. So, I am feeling quite satisfied now that I have finished one of Jenny's Christmas projects that I had started a couple of years ago but ran out of fabric for the binding. ( Please note that the bird block is not in her pattern. I improvised using one of Jenny's birds and adding some Christmassy bits.)

The past week I have been busy crocheting these pot holders each evening. The pattern was kindly shared by Hanne's blog. These are going in my gift box and I am still crocheting more of them with various coloured balls of cotton yarn.
I  finished hand quilting this table runner last night and plan to bind it this afternoon.
Now, back to Scotland.
On the 14th June 2015 we paid money to be terrorised at the Edinburgh Dungeons. It was so much fun as we learned about the not so nice side of their history. I don't think my daughter was very happy with me that morning. Hehehe.
When we arrived we were held in a "holding cell" before being let into a court room by "the judge" where he called upon certain people, thankfully not us, and sentenced them for particular crimes they were supposed to have committed. It was done in a very humorous way. We then got into a boat in total darkness and sailed along past all sorts of scenes of Edinburgh's seedy history. After that we were taken to different areas where we learned historical facts and shown torture implements,and how they used them , told about the body snatchers  and stood in staged sets of the plague era, crammed dark living conditions and homelessness. It was all quite eerie but very well done.
After that we went to lunch at Frankenstein's Bar where we feasted on nachos, salad and vegie samosas with cocktails.
I decided to hold Frankenstein's hand. ( Must have had too many cocktails).Feeling energised after our yummy lunch we decided to visit Edinburgh Castle. We were quite lucky not having to queue up and arriving just as a tour was commencing. It is quite a vast place with a very interesting history although it is not as old as the places we visited in Carcassonne. 
Different parts ,different dates.
The banquet hall.
One of the beautiful ceilings.
One of the many cannons.
 One of the various buildings inside the castle walls.
The view.

You may have noticed that I have a fascination for castles. I love medieval history. I was in awe when I stepped into the room where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to King James 1st and her living quarters, Alas, can't find the photos on the computer. ( I can hear your sigh of relief).
Next post we shall be starting here. Can you guess where it is?
Thankyou for stopping by.
Angel Blessings.


  1. A lovey finish and I am enjoying my "armchair" travels.

  2. Lovely finishes Ondrea...I love your pretty table runner. Scotland....yay....home of the ancestors! I agree with Karen xx

  3. Beautiful projects ❤️❤️Lucky you awesome travels

  4. Your embroidery is really lovely. I wish I could stitch words so neatly. I enjoyed reading your post as I love Scotland and Castles Ondrea. Take care now. Marion

  5. Well done on the finishes, I too have a habit of getting something nearly done and then putting in away!! Enjoying your travels, love the castles of Wales and Scotland. Sounded like a wonderful tour.

  6. Hi Ondrea wow i sure do love your xmas table topper and your crochet cloths are a fantastic idea,well done my friend .
    What an awesome tour you had great pics Ondrea xx

  7. You've certainly been busy and accomplished much! Love everything. :-)

  8. Enjoying your travel stories...but my oh my, I'd not do well without a paper map either!
    Your stitching is lovely, don't doubt it. xxx
    Beautiful crochet colours I see.