Saturday, 15 July 2017


I am so pleased to have finished some more projects this past week and have also started new ones. I can't resist new projects even though I still have plenty of others to complete. However, I do feel that I am getting somewhere especially when I have started something and completed it before picking up another one.  A while ago I made several little mini quilts from one of Jenny's Stitchery Club's 2016 designs called " A Year In the Garden". These designs were for a quilt but I decided to make little minis so I could display one each month of the year. I found October's stitchery in my UFO drawer with the borders already sewn on but still waiting for the binding and sleeve. Now I have minis  to display all year. ( Yeah, I know. It needs to be ironed.)

I have started Jenny's latest free BOM.
I have finished my hand quilted table runner which is Gail's "Bountiful Bees" pattern. 
And 3 crocheted pot holders grew into 6.
I had to perform major surgery on my sewing machine when it decided to chew up some fabric and left big holes in it.
I shall now continue my travelogue ( as my mum calls it).  After a big day walking around Edinburgh and visiting lots of tourist sites on 14th June 2015, we decided to just take it easy the following day and find the Post Office to send some things back home as we had accumulated a lot of books and souvenirs which would add extra weight to our luggage. We spent a lot of time sitting on the post office floor dividing things up between us to reduce the cost of postage. We must have looked quite funny but there was no bench big enough to sort everything out on.
We were up early the next morning heading off to meet our tour bus to visit the Highlands, Loch Ness and Glencoe. We tried to catch a regular bus to get to the meeting point but the bus driver didn't take cash and couldn't be bothered telling us how to buy a ticket so we hailed a taxi to get there. There were 15 of us on the coach, one other Aussie who just happened to be a patchworker! My daughter just rolled her eyes. Our first stop was at Callandar for coffee. It was a lovely small village with breath taking views of the Highlands with the classic effect of mist on the mountains which still had some snow on them in summer.
After that we stopped at Loch Lubhair which had a mirror like image of the trees reflecting in the loch.
We arrived at Loch Ness for lunch but the boat tour was soon to be boarding so we bought some food on the boat. It was a rather drizzly day on the Loch so we stayed inside the boat and listened to the tour guide. Alas, no sign of Nessie. 
Back on board our coach we drove through the Highlands and passed the "Monarch of the Glen" house in the distance which looks quite a bit larger than depicted on TV. We went through Fort William which is the largest town in the Highlands as Inverness is actually a city.
I have always loved this breed of sheep and was so excited to actually see them in the long driveway of a cottage. I love this cottage but it was literally in the middle of nowhere and it must get very cold in the winter time.
We passed this interesting house. 
 Thus endeth our last visit of interesting Scottish sites.

Next stop is a very brief stop in Wales. Any "Torchwood" fans????
Thankyou so much for visiting my blog.
Many Angel Blessings.


  1. Lovely finishes, Ondrea. I made a start on my Bountiful Bees last weekend. I love your purple version.

  2. Hi Ondrea,well done with your lovely finishes i love Jenny designs and you have made beautiful projects with them.
    Loving your travel pics,didyou see the Loch Ness monster,lol,thankyou for sharing xx