Thursday, 12 January 2012


The last couple of days I have been working on my Insanity quilt which involves thousands of English pieced hexagons. I thought I had finished the main part ready to put the first border on but discovered that it needed an extra 2 rows on it to make it look right. This is a fiddly process but I have nearly reached my destination.
I just may have a photo of it to show you soon.

I have now completed the stitchery  that was in my hoop and cut the fabric borders ready to stitch on . It is then going to be stapled to an art canvas, hung on the wall, and  ready to show you soon also.

Meanwhile, I have cut and traced 4 pincushions that are Gail Pan's designs as well as cutting and fusing webbing on 2 felt pincushion that came in kits . These are Hatched and Patched designs. I just have to applique them. More photos to come.

Now I have been inspired to do another stitchery of bamboo that is in Vignette #5.  Itchy fingers again.

Until next time, angel hugs to you all.


  1. I can't wait to see a picture of your insanity quilt and the other smaller projects you've been working on :) Barb.

  2. Ondrea, you have been so busy. Looking forward to seeing photos of your efforts:)

  3. Hi Ondrea! :)
    You are getting so much done. Can't wait to see your pics, especially of the Insanity quilt- and you haven't gone insane whilst making it LOL.
    I am making my list for Sew It's Finished blog- I finally finished the stitchery/hanging I started making for my grandsons wife"s birthday last April, then for Xmas, well it is still the Xmas pressie as it is being taken over there this month by DGD.
    I am determined to try and finish a lot this year, but will allow myself a couple of small projects and maybe a BOM to work on as well.
    I would like to make some of those threadcatchers you made- they are so pretty. :0

  4. Sounds a lot of work Ondrea!!! Have you tried one of those Sashiko kits yet? I am half way through the second one and have lots of ideas buzzing around my head!!! rofl