Thursday, 26 January 2012


Hi all my blog friends.

A few of you know that I have been working on an English pieced  hexie quilt for a couple of years now ( in between many other projects). I have finally completed the central part of this quilt. It consists of 96 diamonds shaped from hexies and around 1300 individual hexies. Unfortunately, I could not manage a  proper photo of it so I will take it to my applique group to get the assistance of a couple of fellow quilters to hold it up, showing the entirety of it to date. It is now ready for the first border which consists of 2 rows of hexies in the same neutral coloured fabric surrounding all the diamonds.  Then it requires another border  of another tone on tone colour but I am at a loss which colour to do. I personally like blues, purples or greens but what colour would you suggest?

A few days ago I ventured into a large Op Shop and found this lovely English pieced hexie square amongst a few odds and ends. It just screamed at me to take it home when I admired  the most beautiful hand piecing and needle turn applique . It saddened me to know that someone had spent a lot of time making this and it had ended up this way. So, whoever made this, wherever they are, it is appreciated and loved by me. Now I just have to work out whether to make it into something or leave it as it is. Ofcourse, blues and whites are one of my favourite colour mixes,so that twisted my arm a little harder.

I also found 2 stitchery patterns all intact. The little bag on the right even has the wooden handles in the packet. The stitchery on the left has the preprinted fabric as well as the design to trace.  I don't know if you can see it clearly, but it says " The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary."  So appropriate!

I hope to have a better photo of my Insanity quilt here soon. Meanwhiole if you have any colour suggestions for the 2nd border please let me know.

Until next time, Angel blessings.


  1. Insanity quilt!! I fully understand the reason for that title, but isn't it gorgeous:) You like purples, how about a border of a purple/mauve?