Monday, 9 December 2013


Yes, I know, don't fall off your chairs, it's another update. I hope I am not boring you with all my projects but I guess if I am then you wouldn't be peeking. So, what have I got to show you? I finished the Gail Pan Christmas stitchery and bought a hanger especially for it. It is not yet displayed where I want it to be but for the pic I just hung it on the dresser.

After needle turning the heart I decided to do a backstitch around it to give it a bit of ooomph.  I have also completed 2 more of the stitcheries for the child's quilt. Little Red Riding Hood and The Tortoise and the Hare .

 Rapunzel is currently in my hoop being stitched so I may have her ready to show you soon.

 Thankyou so much to all of you who have taken the time to comment on my blog . Through illness, pain and other life challenges stitching has been a great therapy for me and your comments are so inspiring. You are all wonderful stitchers yourselves and I love looking at all the work you do as well. Angel Blessings.


  1. Ondrea, your work is beautiful!! It is a pleasure to visit your blog, and once again you have surpassed yourself:)

  2. wow Ondrea i love your wallhanging and the hanger suits it perfectly and how cute are those stitcherys,well done.xx

  3. Such cute stitcheries. I love the quilt on the bed.

  4. Well done on the finish and the stitcheries look great. hugs