Saturday, 21 December 2013


I don't know about you but I really enjoy making gifts for people and certainly enjoy receiving hand made gifts myself. When one is a crafter one appreciates the time, energy and love that goes into such gifts. Now that Barb and Vicki have both received their gifts from me I can show them to you.

The one on the left was for Vicki and the other was for Barb. They were a bit out of my comfort zone to make as they have spring closures on them and are also little bags. I have great problems making lined bags and tend to avoid making them for myself despite loving the array of beautiful quilted bags out there to make. I also made a little hanging of a snowman for Barb as she loves snowmen.

Some of you may recognise the stitchery from Gail Pan's Christmas book. Well, until my next post many Angel Blessings to you all and thanks for visiting.


  1. wow such lovely cute bags Ondrea,i can see the girls will love their pressies and love that snowman ,you have been very busy my friend.xx

  2. Those bags are very cute. Did you use a metal tape measure for the spring closures?

  3. Adorable projects. I love the little snowman hanging - adorable

  4. Lovely stitching on your presents. I am sure they will be loved.