Monday, 23 December 2013


Whew! I have just spent the last couple of hours in the sewing room making mum a little draw string bag she bought the pattern for at one of the craft shows this year. It has been sitting amongst all my other "to do" projects so I decided I would get it done to slip in with mum's Christmas gifts. All was going well until I had to make the gumleaf that hangs down on one side of the bag. It was so thin to turn the right side out! I nearly turned myself inside out doing it. Perseverence paid off with the help of some tweezers so here it is.


When I get a bit tired of stitching I pick up my knitting. I have made 4 more face washers for charity. I like to keep a stash ready for when needed.

Another stitchery block for  the "Once Upon A Time" quilt is finished. This one is Jack and the Beanstalk.

Tomorrow I have 2 little purses to make to hold gift cards for both my daughters. Will I have time to make myself a cover for my new Samsung Galaxy 3 Tablet that Santa brought early???? Yooohoooo!!! Elves, where are you?

Angel Blessings.


  1. lovely bag Ondrea ,love your block and sounds like you have been a good girl seeing santa has bought you a tablet,merry xmas my friend.xx

  2. You are a busy little elf. Can't wait to see the new tablet cover, I'm going to need one as well.

  3. Gorgeous fabric that you have used in the bag and I especially love the gum leaf. I am looking forward to seeing your tablet cover. Have a great Christmas.