Wednesday, 9 July 2014


 This week I have had quite a productive time .  I  found this gorgeous tin in an Op Shop....

knitted myself a pair of fingerless gloves ( it is a bit difficult taking a pic of one's own pair of hands, thus the one glove pic)....

finished knitting a boob (for Knitted Knockers )....
finally finished the 4th baby blanket for the Womens Refuge....
wrapped up soap in knitted facewashers for the Womens Refuge .....
and tied the baby blankets up with ribbon.
All is ready to be taken over to the Good Shepherd organisation
next week.
Here are 3 more books I have read. All non fiction.
 Father Bob is a real inspiration for humanity , the one about the nurse is also very inspirational  and the other about the convict women is simply interesting history.
I completed another stitchery but that can wait until my next post.
Angel Blessings to you all.


  1. Hi Ondrea such beautiful work you have done,you are so kind and thoughtful and very clever my friend,hope you have a lovely evening.xx

  2. You really were productive and such lovely things that you made. But I have to ask, what is 'Knitted Knockers'?

  3. Oh Ondrea ...what wonderful thoughtful finishes......

  4. I admire your generosity Ondrea ... some beautiful gifts for a worthy cause. Love, love the tin!!

  5. Lobe finding op shop treasures like your tin :) You've certainly been busy with your crochet hook and knitting needles and I'm sure whoever receives them will appreciate the love that went into making them :) Barb.

  6. Oh-so busy there Ondrea! Lovely work & what a pretty find... I'm a tin hoarder...

  7. Very beautiful work, love the tin. Keep on doing this beautiful work. How are you and your hubs?

  8. It was a busy week !!