Saturday, 6 February 2016


Didn't you just love that show? Lucy was one of the first comediennes to succeed in a man's domain and I recently saw an interview with Carol Burnett who was a friend of Lucy's. She related a story about how Lucy told her that after divorcing "the Cuban" and taking over her own company her employees added an "S" to her name LOL.

Anyhoo, I digress. The Lucy I want to show you is the first Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses block I have made. It came together quite quickly apart from the tedious part of fussy cutting the fabrics. As a result , I have ordered 2 more little block kits from Shiralee Stitches that Chookyblue recommended and have made up another block from fabrics in my stash. Why, oh why have I started another long project while I am trying to complete so many others?????

I was doing the happy dance this week when the book I won from Anni Downs arrived. I also couldn't resist buying Michelle's new pattern.
I am loving making some beautiful things from Jenny's designs. This completed one is a gift for someone so it is a secret at the moment.

I am off to complete some more projects now.
Angel Blessings.


  1. I do love Lucy - I have all her shows on dvd's and watch them regularly! Your Lucy Boston is just gorgeous, that is a tremendous amount of work - and heck, what's another long-term project, lol! Love your new book and pattern!

  2. Your block is beautiful Ondrea..we start new projects because we can!!! The new book looks great, love the teddies!!

  3. Beautiful block Ondrea! Love the new Anni Downs book! Christine x

  4. I love your Lucy block. My poor Lucy blocks are feeling very neglected in their tin 😦 feeling very guilty! Congrats on your win and enjoy the bears xxx

  5. If anything tempts me to want to do EPP it is the Lucy Boston blocks.... great win with the book.... its' a lovely one.

  6. need to be making the backgrounds with each block to keep up easier........I am trying to get some made 2 more blocks done on the weekend driving.........