Sunday, 21 February 2016


 Woohoo! I have now completed 4 Lucy Boston  " Patchwork of the Crosses" blocks and despite the fussy cutting being a bit of a challenge I am actually enjoying the journey. Here are the last 3 I have completed.


While I wait for the mail to bring me the fill in block fabrics and 2 more block kits ,I am briefly on hold. Today I finished hand quilting this little mini which is one of Jenny's  stitchery designs. I just made up the borders etc myself. Now all I need to do is find that purple spotty fabric to make the binding. It seems that it has gone walkabout with my comb as I can't find that either!

The day they released the first Splendid Sampler, ( see my side bar), block I immediately went in to my sewing room, cut the fabrics and finished it that evening. This one was so quick and easy.
The 2nd block was released but after cutting all the pieces and making the half square triangles I began to lose interest when I had to cut the half square triangles back to 1 1/2" .  Is there a quick way of doing this? I did one but it took heaps of measuring and centreing the ruler cutting eighth inches off until I got it right.   Soooooo tedious! Hence that block is sitting in pieces on my cutting mat waiting for my patience to return. Maybe it will come back with my comb and fabric?
The other day I finally managed to start planting my new garden bed. I love geraniums  so I planted 3 different ones and put a few ground covers in front of them.  This is only about one third of the garden bed but I want to see how these plants survive first.
I hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend. Thanks so much for visiting.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Oh Lucy is looking great ondrea....well done.....

  2. You're going great guns with your Lucy blocks, love them and your mini is gorgeous :) Barb.

  3. Great crosses blocks!
    Pretty sampler block. Not much fun trimming the triangles but well worth it for the accuracy.
    Hope all the plants take off

  4. Your Lucy blocks are looking wonderful!! Hope all the missing items turn up son for you!! Geraniums are tough they should thrive!

  5. Hi Ondrea,wow I love your Lucy Bostons and you have been very busy,well done with all your beautiful work xx

  6. Your Lucy Boston blocks look great Ondrea. The stitchery looks so pretty made up.

  7. Lucy is sooooo addictive! You're going to love doing these POTC blocks!

  8. Waow !! you're very busy ! Sewing and gardening !!
    your blocks are beautiful !
    I choose not to start the Splendid sampler…but I'll be glad to follow your progresses !