Sunday, 7 February 2016


 It is rather hot here down South and I am loving it. I have been in the sewing room most of the afternoon and, believe me, it was definitely a "sweat shop". Now showered, hair washed and in my PJs already I find myself posting for the second time this weekend. My mojo is back but it seems I have lost my Farmer's Wife blocks that I did quite a while ago. As I am determined to finish things this year I am in a bit of a tizz as to the whereabouts of these hand pieced blocks. Ah well, I guess some more space clearing in the sewing room may uncover them in time.

So, here is what I achieved today. I finished another hand pieced block for my current little Civil War quilt. I have since started another as well!

My March stitchery mini has now been bordered ready to hand quilt, trim and bind. Oh dear, a bit blurry. And that was taken before sipping my G&T!!
I have finally machine pieced all the blocks together of my Gail Pan wall quilt. Just need to put a border on it now.
On Friday I met up with a couple of stitching friends and one of them had been cleaning out her sewing room. Woohooo! I scored a whole meter of this gorgeous Civil War fabric. Thanks soooo much Veronica. 
I am off to one of my patchwork groups tomorrow and on the way back I am going to shop for some fabrics so I can start the "Tiny Teacup Teddies Centre" that I bought from Michelle. I figure that as I finish things I can start another project, or 2 or 3 ??????
Thanks for stopping by twice this weekend.
Angel Blessings.


  1. lots of pretty crafting happening at your place. Lovely fabric gifted too.
    I think if you finish something it entitles you to a new start? That's what I tell myself anyway.. lol

  2. So glad to hear your mojo has returned! Love all the projects you've been working on :) Barb.

  3. Some beautiful stitching there Ondrea! So glad your mojo has returned! Have a fun week! Christine x

  4. Yay for the return of the mojo!!! Your little block is beautiful.Your stitcheries look wonderful too...lots of progress happening.

  5. Beautiful work on your projects, love the farmers wife block. Good luck finding the missing blocks.