Friday, 8 April 2016


Don't you love surprises! Well, I certainly received a lovely surprise the other day from gorgeous Sue..    I opened the envelope and found these.....  do you see a bit of a theme happening?

                            I untied the owl ribbon and unwrapped the owl fabric to discover this......

So then I opened my amazing leather owl box and discovered a couple of beautiful purple fabrics and the most lovely purple Cottage Garden thread.
THANKYOU so much Sue.
But wait, there's more. A while ago I won something from Anthea's blog and it arrived this week too.
Anthea has made a lovely zipped bag and put all sorts of goodies inside for me. I admire anyone who can sew zippers!


So, what have I been stitching this past week? Not a lot! But I did manage to hand quilt the May Mini and cut the binding ready to sew on.

I also started a secret project .
 I have said it before and I will say it again.....Bloggy friends are awesome!!!!
ANGEL BLESSINGS.....this angel pic is uncanny, it looks just like my youngest daughter! Really!


  1. Hi my lovely friend isn't Sue so sweet I love what she sent to you and how cute is that zippered bag , your stitching is beautiful my friend, hope you have a happy day xx

  2. Surprises are the best, very happy you liked the zippered bag and goodies!! Very nice stitching too. :-)

  3. Love your special surprises. Your mini is looking so lovely xx

  4. Lovely gifts for a beautiful person. I missed you Wednesday but guessed you or a relative might be unwell. Love your mini too.

  5. What lovely surprise mail!
    Great work in your mini!

  6. Lovely surprise gift. Love the purple fabrics and thread.

  7. Your mini looks fantastic and yes blogging friends are the best xxx

  8. Special surprises are the best especially from wonderful blogging friends. Love your mini :)

  9. Owl-y sweetness - love it!