Friday, 22 April 2016


                                          This time last week hubby and I took this........

So I could give Sue this...
Then we came back home.
It's amazing what a girl will do to save postage these days! Seriously though, we had a fantastic day with Sue and her hubby . The weather was fantastic but it sure turned dark quickly when we were coming home. Thankyou Sue for a wonderful day eating, chatting and NO sewing. Can you believe that? We also forgot to take pics. Way too busy!
I have been happily stitching together Michelle's Tiny Teacup Teddies and I completed the table topper yesterday.
I know that a few of my blog friends are having a hard time at the moment with illness and loved ones to care for. I am sending many angel healing hugs and blessings to you all. 


  1. hi my lovely friend,i know Sue would love that pretty pin cushion,so glad that you both had a fun day.
    i love your teddy table centre is your bear thats in bed is it positioned on the wrong angle or maybe its the way i am looking at it ,well done on your lovely finsh Ondrea

  2. Was wonderful to spend the day with you Ondera and thank you formthe pincushion I love it. Hope you enjoyed your cruise home!! Thank you for your wishes hubby had a bad day today but hoping for a better one tomorrow.

  3. Lovely projects O ... The pin cushion will be loved...hope all is well with your DH 💖💖

  4. oh how nice you girls had the day together......'
    the Lucy info you wanted to know is now in a link on my left me if you want to know more.........