Monday, 20 January 2014


Try saying that heading fast 3 times! A great time was had on the yearly fabric frolic with one of my patchwork group's yesterday. A small bus load of intrepid travellers made our way to all the shops who were part of the Fabric Frolic and we had so much fun. This year I made a list of specific things I was looking for and managed to tick most things off the list. Some more 1800s repro fabrics.

Fabrics for the Gail Pan's Meadowlark quilt that I bought the pattern for at the Christmas Gathering back in November last year. Yes, I planning to start it this month.

A couple of years ago I completed all the stitcheries for Annie Downs' " A Gardener's Journal" but they have been sitting in a box with a heap of other stitcheries waiting to be pieced into actual quilts. With this in mind I decided to buy some fabrics that may be suitable to start  piecing that quilt  and bought these for auditioning.

I couldn't resist this gorgeous cat panel. I have visions of simply adding a small border, sandwiching it and then doing some  hand quilting around the pictures.

All the participating shops were very generous with great discounts and some freebies.

I found this cute pattern, ( as if I need another one) and thought the swatch thingies would be a great idea for me instead of carrying around  small bits of fabric in little zip lock bags .

The highlight of my day was having lunch at the very very crowded Patchwork Teahouse up  in beautiful Warburton. 2 large busloads arrived after us and they had also booked for lunch there. Chaos, but organised chaos. And look what I found! You know I collect owls and also collect thimbles ( as well as many other things) , well this was perfect.

 Another pair of embroidery scissors. One can never have too many pairs of scissors.  And a very cute owl scissor fob which was made by a 14 year old local girl up in Warburton. ( well, that's what the lady at the Patchwork Teahouse told me). While we were there the lovely Libby Richardson was sitting painting her stitchery bears and she made it look so easy. Classes are going to be there this year again if you are interested. Sorry, no pics.

Well, I think I had best let you rest your eyes now and cease overloading you with all these pics.

Thanks for stopping by again. Angel Blessings.


  1. Oh Ondrea what lovely fabrics you have there,you will have fun with these,have a lovely evening my friend.xx

  2. Wow you did great= beautiful fabrics and other goodies and all topped off with some owls. A perfect day methinks. :)

  3. Now that is what I call a successful and satisfying day. Gorgeous fabrics.

  4. Some wonderful purchases there, Ondrea. I especially love the fob, so cute. The frolic sounds like a wonderful time.

  5. What a fantastic day you had Ondrea, lots of lovely purchases :) Barb.

  6. Sounds you had such an enjoyable time. The fabrics look lovely.

  7. Some wonderful buys there Ondrea!! I love the owl thimble:)

  8. Some fabulous goodies purchased here.