Friday, 31 January 2014


When I am starting a new project I like to package it up in a zip lock bag or plastic container with scissors, needles, hoop, or pins ready to grab and go any time. This is why I like to have a few pairs of embroidery scissors. On the Fabric Frolic I bought a cute pair of scissors but they are complete duds. They are blunt and don't seem to handle properly so I am not happy. Buyer beware! Try before you buy. I am in the process of preparing my next small quilt ( approx 21 " x 27") and need to cut out only a few more little pieces to put in teeny zip lock bags which will then go in a bigger bag.

It is from Carol Hopkins' book "Civil War Legacies". Being a hand piecer for small quilts I have had to convert the instructions and make little templates but I am getting used to that now.  This year I have joined a couple of swaps and I posted this parcel to my mystery reciepient on Tuesday so I hope she gets it soon.
I am eagerly awaiting the post each day for mine.

Craft aside, here is a pic of a little jug I bought the other day. It jumped out at me yelling "buy me, buy me". It is now keeping company with another little favourite jug of mine on the table with some flowers.

Now, back to stitching my current project. Thanks for visiting and many Angel Blessings.


  1. What fun taking this quilt will be Ondrea and love that little jugs.xx

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  2. Good idea to organise your project in zipper bags. I have lots of scissor for the same reason. Love the new white jug.