Saturday, 7 February 2015


Over 5 years ago I embarked on a personal challenge to make an EPP Insanity quilt. The pattern called for 1/2" hexies but I decided to make mine using 1" hexies. Back then I traced and cut out all the card templates to baste using old tea bag boxes, cereal boxes etc. Sometime later I wised up and bought some light card templates instead. I don't really like the paper ones, preferring the slight stiffness of the card so I found someone who makes them to order and never looked back. I decided to set myself a 5 year time span as I do so many other projects. Well, I have to say I did complete the main part of the quilt within the 5 years but then I put it away for a while. I had completed basting heaps of hexies for the borders and had also made all the rosettes (flowers) for one of the many borders. However, they all just sat in their respective plastic boxes the past year or so. A few days ago, on a mission to complete things this year, I gave the quilt an airing and have been working night and day sewing the first lot of borders on. So far I have only managed to stitch 2 sides with the 1st border, a mammoth task!   The main part of the quilt already covers our queen size bed without the borders.

This tin has been sitting on my coffee table so I can take a few moments to stitch some basted hexies together whenever I sit down with a cuppa. It has also accompanied me to my patchwork group.

Resulting in these.
They are stitched to the top and bottom of the quilt but the sides require individual hexies to be sewn on as it is a sort of zig zag edge. Very time consuming. Determination and a touch of insanity ?
Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea oh this will all be worth it when you are finished,you are doing well my friend,keep at it.xx

  2. love your hexie quilt, the borders will be a long hard slog but so worth it.
    happy hexieing!

  3. OMG !!!! It will be a priceless quilt !!!

  4. Insanity is the right word... but so gorgeous... I love the lozenger shapes .... it's just wonderful... I take it thats not for the hexie swap????? haha...


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  6. WOW that is just stunning. Worth every stitch that you have put in.

  7. Hi Ondrea.. Woo Hoo! A Hexy quilt! good on you for picking it up again...