Friday, 13 February 2015


I am rather excited to be starting my first FHFS ( Friends Having Fun Swap) after much angst deciding what to make.  Yesterday I finally came home with these lovelies. They have been washed, dried and folded ready to iron and start creating.

Determined to keep up to date with BOMs this year, I have finished Val's first block before the next one comes out next week.  See my sidebar for her BOM details.

I have been stitching several daylight hours and Ott light hours the past week just putting the first of many borders on my Insanity quilt. Whew! What a slog just to get round the 4 sides . I am now stitching the 2nd border on. Meanwhile I decided to start putting the cream fabric around all the rosettes I had prepared for one of the borders and found that I was a few short of the 64 required. So, with much scrounging and cursing I found some suitable fabrics in my stash and have cut and basted the hexies ready to make more pretty rosettes.
I am now off to hang the washing on the line so I can then embark on some creative magic.
I still can't find the settings to change this blog to the correct day. It looks like I shall forever be a day behind . Story of my life  hehehe.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea,love the new fabric,oh your partner is going to love this and your stitchery is so cute. Now to change your day go into design top right hand side of your blog,click on settings bottom left hand side and then click on language and formating and thats where you change it,let me know how you go kiddo xx

  2. Pretty fabrics, Ondrea. Can't wait to see what you make. Your stitchery is lovely too. Shez just beat me to it re the date. I hope that works!

  3. Great colors !! Have fun with your EPP !!
    PS: stitchery download ….

  4. Love the colours you have chosen...very nice!! Your stitchery is lovely too.

  5. As it's the can play all you want... well at least that's what I
    Love those fabric colours...yummmmm

  6. how fun with your new fabrics for your new swap..... well done with the insanity!!! I think we all have a bit of insanity with what we do... keeps us going ... keeps us happy....