Wednesday, 25 February 2015


The purple people eater, purple haze, purple comes up here and there but not as often as I would like. Friends know that purple is my favourite colour. If I need something and find it in purple I am happy.

I also have purple sunnies and specs. Looove purple nail polish too. So, look what I had done today.

I have also been stitching with purple thread.
With colour therapy violet brings together red and blue representing healing and transformation. with the spirituality of blue and vitality of red, my fire sign  being an Aries. My favourite flowers are purple irises and lavender. I love lavender pure essential oil for its calming and soothing qualities. I also like Amethyst crystals.
Something a little bit different today but thanks for visiting.
Angel Blessings to you all.  


  1. Hi Ondrea,wow i love your hair,and i love your information at the end,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  2. Love your hair Ondrea. What a great shade of purple that is. Gorgeous purple thread you are stitching with too. I gravitate towards blue... was once told my 'aura' was blue too and I love red.. on the orange side. Yep... I'm a fire sign too! ;o))
    Have a lovely

  3. Purple hair is certainly different, Ondrea. Your little stitcheries look lovely.

  4. gorgeous stitching Ondrea and I love the hair colour too.
    Have always wanted to add colour in that way never been game lol
    Now I just have white highlights (a la cruella)

  5. You certainly LoVe purple by the looks of it.
    I see even the "comment date stamp" is in purple.
    Have a wonderful "purple" day.. xox

  6. what a lovely post... and your hair looks great....

  7. Love the stitcheries and your hair is fantastic!!! I love the smell of lavender and rosemary and violets...they are so beautiful smell wise, but so fragile!

  8. Love your hair!!! Loved my visit too xx

  9. You are having a purple kind of day-- love the hair.

  10. I too love purple but wouldn't have the courage to colour my hair purple ... game girl you!! It looks great:)

  11. I love violet too !! and your hair !!! so great !!