Sunday, 8 February 2015


I am really happy with myself for getting things finished and for keeping up to date this far. I had 2 Anni Downs' stitcheries completed and stashed away in a box with many others. Barb reminded me of them when she posted a pic of hers framed so nicely. Now, I had already purchased the frames and was wondering what fabric to use as borders when Barb's pics leaped out at me because I had a similar fabric as hers and it looked just perfect. So, what's a girl to do? Copy her friend's idea ofcourse.!  The frames are actually A4, not square like the pic shows. Why is that?

I am keeping up to date with free BOMs this year. Today I cut all the background fabric and stabiliser for Val's BOM and traced the first one ready to stitch before this month's is released. See my side bar.
I am using Cottage Garden thread called Eggplant. No idea what fabric I am using for the borders. So typical of me and I know I will be scratching my head trying to choose fabrics if I don't go and look for it soon. Hmmm, maybe I "need" to go fabric shopping this week.
Gee, 2 posts in 2 days! Wooohooo! Now, all I need to learn is how to get the correct date on my posts. It is Sunday 8th Feb, not Saturday 7th as I am sure it will show.
Angel Blessings.


  1. your stitcheries look gorgeous!!
    great job keeping up with your projects too.
    lovely colour thread for your stitchery.

  2. Love how your stitcheries look in their frames and yes the blue spotty fabric goes beautifully with them.....glad I was able to help you with some inspiration :) Barb.

  3. Did you 'crop' the photo - sometimes that makes tings look wider and shorter than they are!! Doesn't matter they look beautiful as they are.

  4. Hi Ondrea wow love your framed stitchery's,well done,you always do such beautiful work xx

  5. Your stitcheries look wonderful in their frames, Ondrea.

  6. They look GoRGeoUS... and the frames perfect!
    And the date needs to be changed in "settings" to show GMT + hours for the east coast of Australia... well at least I think that would be the problem... xox

  7. I love your two stitcheries framed !!! and the next one is kind of calling me….. stitch me ! stitch me !!!
    Stange things in blogland !!

  8. Your stitcheries look beautiful Ondrea.