Thursday, 19 November 2015


I know, I know , I am being a little self indulgent but I have to show you some better pics of the wedding. Here are some preparation pics. Renae has very long curly hair but her hair had to first be straightened and then be curled! Go figure.

Sarsha had her hair curled too.
The flower girl wasn't too sure about her hair being put in curlers.
While hair was being done Sarsha was doing everyone's makeup. She is a Makeup Artist so that was quite handy.
The photographer arrived and took pics in the garden My dad took these photos.
 Bec ( Renae's best friend since High School) and her daughter Scarlett, Renae and Sarsha.
Scarlett did a wonderful job as flower girl despite the very long wait all morning.

Wedding vows.
Cutting the cake.
Bride sprung eating cake  hehehe.

Mark and I with Renae.
For no apparent reason some pics wouldn't stay rotated so you have been saved from more photos.
Many pleas to angels were made that day for sunshine and no rain. At 11.00am ish that morning I broke a front tooth biting into a sandwich. I had to leave ahead of the bridal party at 1.30pm and I wondered how I would be able to smile for the camera  and laugh the way I always do. I wasn't happy!  Da da..... my dear father came to the rescue. Fortunately, we were all leaving from my parents' home. Dad is a retired Dental Technician and still has some equipment. By 12.30 I had a temporary new tooth !!! He saved the day. I couldn't eat all day but at least I was presentable for the photos and could enjoy myself. Turns out I have an abscess and I had part 1 of a root treatment this morning. Thank heavens I had no pain as there was no nerve in that tooth.
I thank each and every one of you for your beautiful kind words and blessings and for those who also prayed for lovely weather. As you know, I don't usually share personal things on this blog but this is one big exception.
Angel Blessings.   



  1. Hi Ondrea i am enjoying your pics of your daughters special day,the property is beautiful as are the wedding party,thankyou fro sharing your special day with us my friend xx

  2. Thank you for sharing all these very special photos with us. How lucky you are to have a dad who could fix your tooth.

  3. Fabulous photos. Thank goodness for your dad, you look beautiful

  4. Lovely photos, Ondrea. Glad your dad was able to save the day!

  5. the perfect reason to share! what a lovely day & yay for dad!

  6. I'm so glad your dad was able to save the day! Dad's are such special people in our lives. All the photo's a lovely, thank you so much for allowing us to share in such a special occasion for your family. Best wishes to the new Mr & Mrs on their new journey together as husband and wife :) Barb.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing the lovely photos....looked like a wonderful day!! So good to hear your Dad was able to save the day with your tooth!!! You all look sensational! Best wishes to the newly married couple.

  8. I so enjoyed seeing the piccies of such a special day....beautiful!

  9. Of all the days, and WAYS, to break a tooth - so very glad it was Dad to the rescue! The bride is just gorgeous, and it looks like a really awesome day - love the cake stand!!!

  10. What a gorgeous day thanks for sharing O xxxxx

  11. fabulous pictures..... everyone looked wonderful... great that your tooth was sorted ... great save!

  12. Oh ! Ondrea ! I was hiding in my hole for a long time and didn't know it was your daughter's wedding !
    I'm glad everything went well with a beautiful weather !! Your pictures are great!
    Hopefully you had all your teeth !!
    All my congratulations to you all !