Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Another post already? Yes indeedy didey do! I am so happy because I have finished the crochet-along blanket. I just weaved (wove?) the last bit of yarn in a couple of hours ago and have taken a pic or 2 with it on my QS bed so you get an idea how large it is. Da da........

                                                        Here are some close ups .


Having achieved my goal of learning more crochet stitches I decided to try making some crocheted hexies with the left over yarns. Here is my first attempt. I think the tension may need to be adjusted.
So, I am now in hexie heaven with crochet as well as patchwork.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea it looks fantastic my friend xx

  2. Well done it looks wonderful, great hexie too!!

  3. That looks great and the hexie looks like another addictive thing to do. You guessed right-- I still have not started on mine-- lol!!

  4. oh it's fabulous! and as big as mine, so glad I'm not alone in that! Nice work. And your hexie is fabulous too..... yup you're hooked!

  5. Love how your blanket has turned out, just beautiful! MMmm I'm told hexies are very addictive, nearly as addictive as crochet OH Dear you're hooked ( sorry for the pun ) :) Barb.

  6. You have taken to crochet like a duck to water Ondrea. Sorry, but I think hexis will be extremely addictive!!! Gorgeous though:)