Friday, 13 November 2015


 Today I had to pinch myself when I arose this morning. The eve of my first born's wedding has come quickly. Renae and her fiancé  have organised all the wedding preparations themselves upon their insistence, and there has been very little for me to do. So, today I was really looking forward to spending time with Renae, her future mother in law and sister in law decorating cupcakes. Unfortunately, my mum couldn't go as she has been unwell and was resting up for the big day tomorrow. Renae was concentrating in this pic.

Her sister in law, Greer, had baked all the cupcakes with her mum , iced them all with a fudgy concoction ,and made all the edible cake decorations.
150 decorated cupcakes!!!!
Greer has also made the cake toppers....a Renae with roller skates on ( Renae was an artistic roller skater as a child and now does Precision skating).
And Kipp is a bike rider. (The Groom and groomsmen are wearing thongs and board shorts.)
"Thongs and board shorts ?" you ask. I have seen the shorts and they are a nice fabric. Despite the boys being semi casual all I can say is the bride and bridesmaids are definitely NOT casual. They are going to look stunning.
This is a crafty blog and I think Greer 's crafty talents are quite appropriate.
So, it is the countdown to the big day and I just hope I can get to sleep for my early rise in the morning.
Angel Blessings.


  1. All the best for tomorrow my dear friend and those cup cakes look awesome xx

  2. I wish you all joyful celebrations on such a special day xx

  3. Gorgeous cake toppers, hope all goes well with nuptials!

  4. Scrummy cup cakes!
    Best wishes to the bride and groom; enjoy the wedding!

  5. Best wishes for the wedding and their future together. Enjoy the day. Those toppers are just beautifully made-- what talent!

  6. Cup cakes look amazing!! So do the cake toppers! How clever is Greer!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!

  7. how exciting Ondrea.. it all looks fantastic.

  8. Wonderful - congrats to the happy couple - I hope the day was as gorgeous as the bride!