Saturday, 28 November 2015


 Are you in a tizz with Christmas coming up? I am so amazed how many people have already put their decorations up and it isn't even December yet. I suppose there is so much to do and that is one of the more enjoyable things to cross off the list. After all the wedding preps I realised that I have so many gifts to make for  all the people who have been so lovely to me this past year. So, yes, I am in a bit of a tizz. However, yesterday I started all the prep work using these fabrics......

After much tracing and cutting I have a few piles like this.
Then I sat down with my tray of necessities while I watched a couple of movies.
I now have a pile of these to play with.
I have also been doing some crocheting for gifts.
Still so much to do, so many Christmas projects to complete, so much secret sewing ,
I hope you are all keeping on top of things and not getting into too much of a tizz.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea,don't panic you will be fine,if worse comes to worse just buy a few things as well don't stress my lovely friend xx

  2. Yes as Shez said....relax! Having a wedding so close to Christmas would have been such a busy time for you x

  3. I agree! sometimes I have to break down & buy a few gifts. those hexies are lovely!

  4. There is some seriously pretty secret sewing happening at your house.

  5. I've got so much to sew too, so much of it secret.

  6. I always get into a tizz and am way behind with the Christmas things to do-list. I promise myself I will be better next year-- haven't succeeded yet! But I did make the pudding today and it is now off the stove. Lots of gifts to sew and paint. That makes 2 of us at least!