Thursday, 3 December 2015


I was so looking forward to catching up with Mel yesterday at the Squilters' Christmas party.  I had such a wonderful day meeting a lovely bunch of gals for the first time and being able to finally sit and chat with Mel . Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera but if you pop over to Mel's blog you will be able to see some pics including one of the two of us together.  As it was a Christmas party I made a little something for a Kris Kringle but never took a pic. However, I did take a pic of what I made for Mel. Some Christmas coasters.

This is what Mel made for me. Very very cute.

And this beautiful embroidered necklace she made. (This is the 3rd pic I have taken and I they are all blurry!) I am so sorry Mel.  
My gorgeous gifts came with this little angel.
I was also very lucky to receive a Kris Kringle gift, a lovely Christmas doorstop. It came with some Ferrero Rocher but I can't seem to find them. *wink wink, nudge nudge* But it has been 24 hours!
I am so happy to know that Mel and I shall be able to catch up every month now doing what we both love....stitching, chatting and eating.
Thankyou my lovely friend for introducing me to the group.
It is always so nice to catch up with my blogger buddies whenever possible. Hopefully, next year I shall meet up with a few of you again.
Angel Blessings. 


  1. hi my lovely friend,so good to hear you had a wonderful day,i love your gifts,lucky you,this group will be so good for you my friend xx

  2. how fun! and lovely gifts! lucky lucky you!

  3. It was wonderful to spend the day with you and I'm so happy it will be a regular thing. I love my owl coasters, they are on the coffee table now

  4. Lovley gifts Ondrea, the coasters are so cute!!! Great you are going to this group and will see Mel..nothing better than getting together with a group of like minded people!!

  5. So nice catching up with friends. Lovely gifts all round x

  6. Glad you and Mel had a lovely day.