Saturday, 26 December 2015


Christmas Day has now been and gone and today was another family day which is now over and I am planning to chill out this evening. Unfortunately, I haven't been getting to sleep until around 4 to  5-30am  this past week and I am feeling rather tired. However, a few things sparked me up yesterday , namely lovely gifts from Barb and my Christmas Day Advent pressie from Keryn in our FHFS. I opened Keryn's gift and discovered this handsome chappy.

I am not sure I want to hide him away for a whole year after Christmas  as he seems to be rather comfortable in my cane chair adorned with mini quilts.
Next was Barb's gift and I was so thrilled to find everything wrapped in this gorgeous owl fabric . I haven't had time to iron it yet.
Inside was a beautiful covered journal with a purple pen, a lovely purple notebook . some lovely soap and a Cottage Garden Thread . I so love Cottage Garden threads.
I also have a lovely Christmas wall hanging Barb so beautifully stitched for me. It is hanging up on my dresser door alongside another project she made for me a few years ago. 
During the wee small hours of the morning when I have tried unsuccessfully to get to sleep several times I sometimes sit in bed colouring.
Both my girls gave me colouring books for Christmas. So now I have lots of designs to choose from.
A few weeks ago while Christmas shopping I found a colouring book and pencils for my mum. I know she has always loved colouring so I thought I would surprise her with something unique for Christmas. Well, a couple of days before Christmas mum tells me that dad has bought her some Derwent  pencils and a colouring book! There was silence on the phone while I gathered my thoughts and I had to tell her I had bought the same things for her LOL. WE joked about that and on Christmas Day she opened dad's, mine and then Renae's pressie. Guess what Renae and Kipp had bought her??? YEP!!! LOL. Pencils and colouring book. But wait, there's more..... she then opened Sarsha's pressie, whew, no pencils BUT another colouring book. At least all the pencils and books are different. So, clearly, there is a distinct lack of communication in our family  but we do put thought into our gifts LOL.
May you have a lovely Boxing Day.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Oh wow such beautiful gifts enjoy my friend xx

  2. Lol!! That is funny Ondrea - clearly your family have to brush up on your communication skills and teamwork!!! On the bright side your mum cannot claim to be bored over the coming months!! lovely gifts from your swap partners - enjoy!!

  3. Thank you for being my swap partner Ondrea I hope you enjoyed your parcel as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

  4. Maybe a lack of communication but a lot of joy !!
    I send you my best wishes !

  5. haha! those coloring books are so delightful! and your gifts are all lovely, lucky you.

  6. Beautiful gifts. Definitely great minds thinking a like lol! They are a great meditation tool....even if people don't realise it xx

  7. Your mum is going to be very busy colouring in her many colouring books!