Friday, 4 December 2015


Since one of my patchwork groups disbanded a short while ago, a few of us now meet once a month at our homes. Being December it was unanimously voted to have it at Jenni's because she is reknown for her Christmas decorations each year. I will show you why. When you enter the front  door and listen to the bells jingling on the door knob you walk past all this.

Then you are greeted by these 3 fellows.
To your right is a room full of lovely things including Santa climbing up and back down a ladder to the Christmas tree. Yes, he actually does climb it.
These 2 wall hangings are Jenni's creations, the first one" How To Build a Snowman", the 2nd one Santa getting into a helicopter. Or is he getting out?

A collection of snow domes initiated by Jenni's hubby and some other beautiful ornis.

An ice skating rink.
Then you walk back past the bear trio and a motion sensor activates these 2 displays. The tree opens up and plays music as Santa pops out. The tram has people dancing around on top and people moving down stairs.

In the main room it is one big Christmas adventure with Jenni's patchwork wall hangings and bought objects .

Santa is parachuting! Yes, he too moves.

Don't you love the plum pudding lamp!

A close up of Jenni's ingenious creations. One very talented lady!
Even the chair backs had Christmas covers that she had made.
They could hear me laughing when I went to the loo. Why? Well take a look!
Even the bathroom was adorned with these beautiful towels.
The vanity had this in the corner.
You can imagine how much time we all spent looking at everything. I hope I haven't saturated you with too many images but I was completely amazed at how much effort was put into decorating her home. There are still other Christmas things I didn't take a pic of but I think you get the idea.
Cheers and Angel Blessings.



  1. Hi Ondrea,wow ,this house is amazing,no wonder you were impressed,so many lovely xmas things,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  2. What a great place to be at Christmas! Amazing.

  3. A very festive place to have your get together.
    Great that you caught up with mel too!

  4. What beautiful decorations. Thanks for sharing them, Ondrea.

  5. Never too many photos Ondrea...what a great place to visit...did you get any stitching done or was it just a come and look visit?? Don't know I would have stitched, so much to look at!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Well I thought I was the only one that went mad with xmas decorating. Just beautiful Ondrea - thanks for sharing with us

  6. Oh wow! I love it! My mom decorates like that too - but I'm going to have to show her the pic of the toilet seat, she hadn't thought of that one! Guess that'll be something for me to make her, lol. Love it, thanks Ondrea!