Monday, 28 December 2015


Yesterday I decided to finally stitch this beautiful RQ angel that Barb gave to me for my last birthday. ( Gees, just  3 months until my next one!). I bought some fabrics quite a while ago to make some cushions and I thought this stitchery might go perfectly with them. The only problem is that I need to figure out the size and also attempt to put a zip in. I do have instructions how to insert a zip  but I am not presuming it to be as easy as it looks. 

Owls were quite a theme  as gifts for me this Christmas, both large and small. I think owls are taking over this house! I broke an old one while dusting the other day. See, dusting is dangerous. 
Back to stitching now after hanging the 5th load of washing out on the line. It is such a beautiful day for drying everything out in the fresh air and sunshine.
Thanks for stopping by.
Angel Blessings.



  1. Very pretty stitching,
    I'm with you on dusting. I broke a little crystal basket from my nana while dusting.
    Not doing it again in a hurry lol

  2. Gorgeous stitching Ondrea,yep I have always thought dusting was dangerous,lol xx

  3. Yes dust is a protective covering lol! Lovely stitching x

  4. very sweet stitching.... no more high risk behaviour there now??

  5. Just goes to show house work is bad for us!! Lol!!! Lovely stitchery...hooe the cushion works out ok.

  6. Happy stitching-- the fabric for the cushion looks lovely and such soft colours. Good luck with the zipper-- not my favourite part of sewing.
    Wishing you and your family a Very Happy and Healthy 2016.