Monday, 7 March 2016


 It's now March so I had to remove my February stitchery from its hanger and put up the March one I completed. I have now finished April and it is ready to cut to a better size and have the border sewn on . With all these minis I have chosen my fabrics first  then coordinated the threads with them. I have finally learned to do it this way after years of making projects and finding it so hard to match up fabrics. Dah!!! I can't believe it has taken me so long to work it out!

I have been keeping up with the Splendid Sampler blocks , well I thought I had. Do you know what I did? I cut back the 2nd and 3rd blocks to 6" x 6" instead of six and a half inches square!!!! I made the mistake of reading the top of the instructions that said the finished block was 6 inches square. When I read the bottom of the instructions I realised my mistake and I am NOT happy!!! Any other silly people out there? Nope? I thought not. Anyhoo, I have soldiered on and made this block and now have the latest 2 to make before redoing the ones I did wrong.
At least the Tiny Teacup Teddies make me happy I have made 3 more with only 2 left to stitch. I am really looking forward to making them into the table topper.

I must get back to Lucy this week.
Angel Blessings.


  1. Hi Ondrea,lots of lovely work there,you are doing well my friend xx

  2. Very pretty and well done on the SS blocks....I had a reverse sewing one too! Loving seeing my little bears come to life at your place xx

  3. The bears are beautiful!!! Bad luck with the block trimming...that was a shame. Your new splendid sampler block is lovely too. I usually make something and then panic around looking for matching fabric!! Haven't worked that our yet myself!!!

  4. Oh no Ondrea, cutting the blocks too small, bummer! I'm sure you can use them for something else?

  5. Any chance you could just put borders around your blocks and make your quilt a little different? I love that block with the vase on it. It's my favorite one, and I might give in and make that one all by itself.