Wednesday, 23 March 2016


                                            Yesterday, this was my view in the afternoon. 

With everything I needed returning home from not so sunny Qld.
( Michelle, I bought that book at Maroochydore airport, couldn't get it at Tullamarine before I left.)
We had been up in Maloolooba for a family wedding near Caloundra
I basted these Lucy Boston pieces on the trip up.
But I didn't get much stitching done while I was up there as the light was poor and I wasn't happy with the stitching I did. Now I cannot find the thread I stitched the boot with. 
Within half an hour of being back home I had unpacked, put a load of washing on, and been down to the local deli for some dinner supplies. I must admit that I am not feeling very well today as I think the air con has affected my throat and chest. I actually slept for a few hours last night which was a bonus . So, today I stitched a little more of that stitchery and I have decided not to reverse stitch the boot. I do, however, need to hunt through my threads for another one similar to the boot thread.
Today, I had a BIG parcel arrive from Barb. Wooohooo! That put a smile on my dial!
I promise I shall not open it until my birthday but I am quite curious .
Angel Blessings.



  1. You sound like me Ondrea - I have run out of a variegated thread I was using on an embroidery and I haven't been able to find it in the 2 shops here. You are very good not opening that parcel - sure to be a beautiful present!!

  2. Hi Ondrea,how nice to go to a wedding,sorry the weather wasn't better for you hope you find the thread that you misplaced.
    Oh a birthday coming up,how nice xx

  3. Hope you find your thread and feel better soon! Christine x

  4. Sorry we didnt turn on better weather for you. Glad you finally got hold of the book. I'll keep an eye out for your thread in case you dropped it up here lol!I do hope you are feeling better now xx

  5. Hope you are feeling a bit better Ondrea and getting some sleep...I hope the stitchery works out ok.

  6. The boot is coming along quite nicely - as soon as you pick another color, you'll find the first one! I like the Lucy Boston blocks, but have managed to resist making any. I like your fabrics, though.